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The Time of My Life!

August and September 2012 are two months of my life I will never forget!!  I went to all Stone Temple Pilots U.S. dates of the 2012 “Core” tour.  I had a blast driving through the states going to each show.  I met so many different people, some really interesting and some not so interesting.  Every show was amazing, STP really puts on a  show.  Scott looks and sounds great.  I will say thought, that I got a little nervous when I heard shows were cancelled in Canada.  I was over half way to Vegas and hoped the last two dates wouldn’t be.

I’ve seen STP a lot over the years, but this  year with the 20th anniversary of “Core” I had to see them more then once or twice when they come to the east coast.  I’ve been a fan since 1992 when “Core” came out, and Scotts before STP.

Friends and family told me I was crazy for doing this, but hell you only live once!  You have to enjoy life and if able to do something you really want to do, and this year I did just that.  Driving all over the U.S. was awesome!  Every city and town so different form what I’m used to living in rural NJ and not far from  NYC, which is a great place.

I have so many memories to last a life time, but my all time memory will be when the Vegas show was over I waited around and when the guys were leaving, Scott was walking toward me and I said to him “great show” and he looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes smiled and said “thank you”  .  That will forever be in my memory.

I just want to say” Thank you” to you Scott for all that you do.  You are a beautiful man inside and out.


The first time I heard his voice was in the late 80’s ( I was a teenager). My friend who lived out on the west coast near LA had gone to a club and seen a band a few times called “Soi Disant”. She called me and said, I had to hear this band the lead singers voice is amazing. I couldn’t get out to the west coast being I live in New Jersey.  So the next time she saw them, she snuck a small cassette player in and taped them.  When I received the tape in the mail I played it, even though the quality wasn’t that good, the singers voice was amazing! I called her and asked if she ever heard of them coming out this way, she said she doubted it cause their kind of a small town band.

A couple of years had gone by, now out of the 80’s and into the 90’s.  Music was changing, out with big hair bands, boy bands, and guys who looked better then some women with all the make-up, and in with grunge, alternative, and rap.  The new look of the bands and musicians. I loved it!!  Then in 1992 I was driving listing to the radio when a new band came on.  The song was called “Wicked Garden”.  When the song was over the DJ said the band was Stone Temple Pilots,  I went to the record store and got the CD.  I got home and listened to every song, it was great.  The lead singer Scott Weiland’s voice was amazing, so many ranges, and tone, I was hooked and waiting to see if they went out on tour.  When they did I was there and many time after.  I would see them in NY, NJ, and  PA when they would be at Rock Feast.

Down the road when STP broke up and Scott moved on to Velvet Revolver and his solo career I remained a fan.  I saw Velvet Revolver once, amazing, then Scott solo outstanding!!!  He has a voice like no other.

This past May 2011, I heard that he wrote a memoir.  I went out and got it.  As I sat reading and got to the page where he talks about the band he started in, I almost fell out of the chair I was sitting in, it was “Soi Disant”! The same band in the 80’s that my friend sent me the tape of.  I have always thought I’d heard his voice before.

September 2011 I saw STP at NJPAC.  Scott apologized for his hoarse voice, but it was still an outstanding show they put on.  I was sad to hear a couple days later that they had to cancel shows because of Scotts throat and voice. I hoped this wasn’t the end.

A couple months later his Christmas CD came out.  I was hearing about on the radio and internet, and I was getting mad about what people were saying about him doing a Christmas CD, that the “bad boy of rock” was doing Christmas music, what a joke. Well now I hope their eating their words, because when I got the CD he sounds beautiful.  The songs took me back to the early 70’s when I was a little child at Christmas time with my   parents and brothers. It was all the songs that my parents had albums of like Bing, Sinatra, Ives etc.  Scott sings them all great and even sounds like Sinatra.

Now I’m hoping to be there when they do the 20th anniversary of “Core”.

I felt I had to write this to let Scott know just how much I appreciate him, his music and all he does. (Even though I know he’ll probably never see this) His music inspires me, makes me feel good and his voice is and always will be the most beautiful voice I’ll ever hear!

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