The Time of My Life!

August and September 2012 are two months of my life I will never forget!!  I went to all Stone Temple Pilots U.S. dates of the 2012 “Core” tour.  I had a blast driving through the states going to each show.  I met so many different people, some really interesting and some not so interesting.  Every show was amazing, STP really puts on a  show.  Scott looks and sounds great.  I will say thought, that I got a little nervous when I heard shows were cancelled in Canada.  I was over half way to Vegas and hoped the last two dates wouldn’t be.

I’ve seen STP a lot over the years, but this  year with the 20th anniversary of “Core” I had to see them more then once or twice when they come to the east coast.  I’ve been a fan since 1992 when “Core” came out, and Scotts before STP.

Friends and family told me I was crazy for doing this, but hell you only live once!  You have to enjoy life and if able to do something you really want to do, and this year I did just that.  Driving all over the U.S. was awesome!  Every city and town so different form what I’m used to living in rural NJ and not far from  NYC, which is a great place.

I have so many memories to last a life time, but my all time memory will be when the Vegas show was over I waited around and when the guys were leaving, Scott was walking toward me and I said to him “great show” and he looked at me with those beautiful blue eyes smiled and said “thank you”  .  That will forever be in my memory.

I just want to say” Thank you” to you Scott for all that you do.  You are a beautiful man inside and out.


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